You are going to meet a lot of people during your job search. It’s critical to be able to explain what you’re looking for in a few sentences. I’ve heard this called a number of things; a 60 second pitch, a quick sell, and an elevator pitch. The name elevator pitch means that you should be able to tell someone about your job search efforts in the time it takes to ride an elevator.

Some people say your elevator pitch should take around 30 seconds, some say no more than two minutes. Usually it runs around 125-225 words. A simple way to think about writing it is in these four steps: 1) say who you are, 2) describe what you do, 3) describe why you are unique, 4) state your goal.


Create your elevator pitch a few different ways so you have one ready for multiple audiences. Practice your elevator pitch over and over so it’s second nature. Remember, the energy you present when someone first meets you is part of marketing yourself.